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Creamy Curves

Creamy Curves

One of our great pleasures is discovering an XLGirl. This takes plenty of time and effort. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. It’s a greater than standard world and lots of big-boobed hotty’s live in it. Finding the right cuties outside the US is expensive and time consuming but there’re many advantages. That was the case with Angelina Vallem whom we detected in Prague. Her small country, the Czechia, produces a disproportionate number of breasty charmers compared to North The United States of America, or any other region, in fact. A pupil when we first met her, Angelina indeed got into the scene and told that babe did not know that she would like being photographed, either by herself or being drilled by a fellow. This babe works full-time in a business office now and merely occasionally glamour models. This babe has an active sex life, masturbates a lot and isn’t willing just yet to settle down. “I would love to have sex in the ladies room at work with a co-worker but I’m afraid of the consequences if we were caught,” Angelina said in her native language. “I imagine my co-workers seeing my movie scenes and pix and thinking it is me but they are not certain so they say nothing. I have noticed that some of my male co-workers action friendlier and stare at me longer after new photos are shown. But no one has told to me, ‘Hey, u are that hotty!’ I suppose it’s more awesome to keep it a secret, no?”

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