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Daphne In Charge

Daphne In Charge

Every gent should have a boss in charge with the qualifications of Daphne Rosen. Red is favourable sufficient to have one. His lack of motivation, his crummy work reports, his wasting of office time on the net and–this is a biggie–his leaving a copy of SCORE magazine in his desk have culminated in his being summoned to Miss Rosen’s office. It is rumored she keeps a piranha tank underneath a trap door in the floor. That is how menacing her reputation is at this company.

Has he too been whacking off to SCORE magazines in the men’s room? The night janitors have complained. What a dope. The Wrath of Khan is no thing compared to the volcanic fury Red is about to face. But the truth is, Miss Rosen deeply cares about her workers, especially when they have a bigger than standard pecker. When that babe screams at wayward employees, removes her alluring clothing and sticks their dongs betwixt her bra-clad super-melons, it means this babe desires ’em to succeed. Miss Rosen is intend to do everything she can to motivate this lump into giving her a power lunch 60 minutes. Red faces a wild tongue-lashing from the hard-as-nails executive just for starters. Look at that tongue work its motivational magic. All dudes in the work place should be so fortunate as to have a stacked supervisor with permanent erotic delirium.

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