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Dolly’s swimsuit delight

Dolly's bikini delight

“I’m not into any kind of particular look,” British babe Dolly Delight said. That’s surprising ‘coz, to me, Dolly is the epitome of the blond fuck doll. She is a fake penis with immense whoppers and blonde hair and a constricted body.

Added Dolly, “I learned a lengthy time ago that it is much better to judge a person by what’s inside of ’em than what’s out side. I mean people used to think I was a geek and used to ignore me just cuz of how I looked.”

Uh, sorry, Dolly, but here at SCORELAND, we tend to be a bit shallow. A hotty could have the nicest personality in the world, but if she doesn’t have big bra-busters, that babe is out the door previous to that babe can say a word. Then again, if this babe looks adore Dolly, she has us at, “Hello.” Actually, even previous to, “Hello.”

And besides, Dolly, now we’re paying attention to you ‘cuz of how you look.

“I dress very glam. I adore being a girly Barbie-doll so I love a lot of constricted tops, little skirts and pink undies. The worst thing a fellow can say to me is that I’m one of the lads. I love to be the girly-girl and I think that a domina can’t live out of to be treated adore a princess.”

Who exactly is this lad who mistook Dolly for one of the boys?

“I like to masturbate and be observed as well. That indeed turns me on. When I am doing movie scenes, I truly do cum in ’em as I’m being filmed playing with myself. That truly gets me hot!”

These images and the movie were filmed in Montego Bay, Jamaica. They were taken on a intimate estate, so Dolly could play with her fur pie and groan with joy as loud as that babe wanted and nobody could hear her.

“And so what if they could?” Dolly said.


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