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Driving Nikki Cars

Driving Nikki Cars

Did u know that the dudes in college called Nikki Cars “Dolly Parton?” And not in a flirting way but in a pestering way. What school did this babe go to, Douchebag High? They should have been jacking in the boy’s room thinking about those king-size, packed milk sacks. A D-cup, Nikki wore overweight sweatshirts to hide her blossoming assets. It was not until Nikki began modeling eight years agone that this babe realized how specific this babe, and her bumpers, are. It was then that this babe began loving her chest. So, u see, the adore we expose a breasty beauty creates a positive wave and results in worthy things later on. And we have got a worthwhile thing going right here. Welcome back Miss Nikki Cars as welcomes Nikki back with a group action. It’s been a during the time that since Nikki has done the wild thing at XLGirls. An XL editor, impressed by her talents and bod since the 1st time, and knowing her popularity, had requested fresh boy-girl action from the studio. As things would have it, Nikki had driven off somewhere into the sunset and our contact info was outdated. Not a problem, just a defiance as the editor put his determined boobhound skills to work and eventually identified her. Would this babe adore a return trip to XL headquarters? Absolutely, replied Nikki. It had been a while for her too, proving that absence does make jocks, clits and nipps grow harder. Lustful, hot and willing to rumble the dick, Nikki is willing for a filthy ride in “Driving Nikki Cars.” Please welcome back to The Bigger than run of the mill Expose, Nikki Cars, and stay connected!

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