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Meet Dulcinea

Meet Dulcinea

Meet pleasant Dulcinea. She doesn’t come from Spain. This babe comes from the aptly named City of Gals, Los Angeles, and this is her first time stripped modeling. This babe chose XL Angels to make her debut coz of our reputation for first-class treatment of our models. Dulcinea explains that that babe is lately professional a raunchy awakening and a must be more comfortable with her body. That’s why she’s trying sexy modeling.

With a gleam in her eyes, Dulcinea describes herself as “bubbly,” and a angel who loves to chuckle. The kind who doesn’t take herself too seriously. The kind we call a GND or girl-next-door. The kind who endears herself to chaps the second they watch her.

You will not learn anything there’s to know about Dulcinea in this video-chat but you’ll have to know her as well as anyone can in a hardly any minutes (not unlike speed go out with). She mentions what’s in the cards at XL Cuties so prepare now for Dulcinea’s first boy-girl scene coming pretty soon! And it’s not with Don Quixote. Or Sancho.

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