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Executive Sex

Executive Sex

There’re porno stars and there are SEX STARS. If u have been a member of SCORELAND,, buy SCORE DVDs or read SCORE magazine, then you already know who this powerhouse of screwing and cock engulfing is. A hotty who can unfathomable mouth the huge dicks with the highest of ease. Sara Jay is one of those angels your Mother and your father warned u about. Yet, Sara’s beginnings were everything but oversexed. “I was working four jobs and going to high school. University of Cincinnati. I was a customer-service phone person. I was too a waitress at a spaghetti restaurant, and I was a coat-check cutie at a nightclub, and I likewise sold Avon. I was an Avon Woman! I was working 96 hours a week and taking 14 credit hours at school. I didn’t actually care about my body, but when I went to undress clubs, I got to try wearing fresh ram, and I liked it. Dudes would check me out, and I liked that. I would solely been with one gent, but then when I started plan to the lap dancing clubs, I started rencounter people and banging a lot and having plenty of fun.” Then this babe learned to unfathomable mouth with strings of drool pouring out of her face hole. “I’ve always had an blow job fixation. I sucked my thumb until I was 10. I eat. I chew lots of gum. I adore having things in my face hole. Lollipops, especially when they have Tootsie Rolls in the centre. I have had people say, ‘Oh, what’re u doing?’ And they know what I am doing. I am giving a orall-service to the sugar-plum, although I don’t realize I’m doing it until they say something.” In this Classic, Sara gets a job evaluation… of her fucking and mouthing skills!

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