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Fapping In The XL Warehouse

Fapping In The XL Warehouse

We put Jammin‘ Jennie to work in the warehouse at TSG. We heard that babe was handy with tools. XLGirls and the eBoobStore needed some help. Why hire a lad when you can receive hot vixens? Right? However we heard not right. What we were really said, and banged up in translation, is that Jennie is handy with a guy’s rock hard tool, not with tools. There is extra proof of this at Since Miss Jenny had shown up for work bright and early, we put her to work for the day besides and that babe did a nice-looking nice job. A marvelous good job of dancing, squeezing and caressing her meatballs, and opening her legs so this babe could spread her pussy and fill it with a large rubber tool… right there on our machine tables. This is why they call her ‘Jammin‘. So it wasn’t a wasted day. Fortunately, we did not have any truckers showing up to interrupt the flow of Jennie’s productive work. So now you know what goes on sometimes in other sections of the SCORE building. Just routine. Don’t all companies have this kind of temp worker?

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