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Fixin’ to bust her under garment

Fixin' to bust her bra

Texas is known as the Lone Star State, but with gals love Morgan Page, it should be known as the Hard-on State. Morgan is a Texas beauty who was looking for jobs on a glamour models and photographers forum. We saw her model showcase page and invited her to pose. The blond 30H natural had posed in a dozen discharges, mostly bikini and sexy outfit stuff, but nothing love SCORE-style posing.

“I thought it would be fun,” Morgan told. “It’s a recent experience for me, posing love this. I would love to become known as a model, but I too urge to savour. Back home, I do not reveal myself off on purpose, but my love muffins are so large that it has the appearance of I am dressing to unveil my body off.

“I know that fellows adore whoppers, and I have larger than standard pantoons. I do tend to pick cleavage shirts. I just think I look priceless in them. I like attention, but sometimes I don’t wanna make a performance of myself. Boyz check out me and think I’m a girly beauty who can not do anything, but I can actually put up drywall, lay tile and do other projects. I adore using power tools.”

But not the kind of vigour tools many angels use on-camera. Morgan did spread her slit and arsehole and was very worthy at it.

I thought Morgan was underrated by SCORE readers. There’re 2 episode videos of her in the SCORELAND Blog, also. Check ’em out. This babe can do the titty dance, a move real breast-men love.

See More of Morgan Page at SCORELAND2.COM!

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