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Chase the bouncing bouncy bosoms

Follow the bouncing boobs

I chose this Karina Hart scene for SCORELAND2 for numerous reasons.

I love videos, especially solo episodes, that feature smth different. Smth without the normal. Something that flaunts some creativity and interest. Two-million solo masturbation clips have been made over the past 30 years in which the girl is on a bed or a ottoman, whacking away with a toy. Same movie, different gal.

I picked this one cuz Karina uses one of these large workout balls and there’s plenty of breast-bouncing. And coz she’s Karina, one of the high-reaching discoveries in the complete history of big breasted stripped modeling.

1st, Karina sits on the ball and bounces up and down, her award-winning big tits moving in tandem. I can look at this kind of tits-in-motion act for hours. I especially adore the part when her arms are clasped behind her neck.

Then, whilst still sitting on the ball, Karina fingers her hairless, perfectly pink vagina.

And then, whilst still on the ball, Karina diddles herself with a larger than typical toy. For over 20 minutes, this babe does not get off the workout ball. Do u know what kind of body control and leg strength that takes? Do u realize that that babe could wrap her Amazonian hips around your neck and squeeze until u cried uncle? (Almost all of us wouldn’t and would be content to be in that position for several hours.)

“Whenever I go to a public exotic dancing club to workout, everybody stops what they are doing to check out me,” Karina told. “I most like to workout in intimate. It’s not that I don’t like the attention. I just wanna acquire something able.”

I’m not surprised. Karina could make the people in a crowded Health Strip club freeze in their tracks and just sit and observe her work out. Or they could just go home and look at this clip.

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