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Hitcher With Mammaries

Hitcher With Hooters

Has this ever happened to you? You’re driving along a lonely road when u see a charming gal stretching a tank top. That babe is in need of a ride.

Milly Marks is stranded and needs some roadside assistance. Brad feels compelled to assist this girl in distress, and part of that assistance involves taking her back to his place so that babe can “recharge her cell phone battery.” A knight in shining armor with a car, not a horse, helping a damsel in distress.

SCORELAND: Milly, what do u think about porn shlong?

Milly: It is scary, but it’s sexy so it’s phat, and it feels admirable.

SCORELAND: Have u ever sitting in a passenger seat whilst someone else was driving and flashed other cars?

Milly: I’ve but I’m always scared I am plan to cause a major rencounter coz my mambos are major road blocks.

SCORELAND: Have you ever rogered in or on a car?

Milly: I’ve drilled in multiple cars, usually in broad daylight, and in public places which is always lovely for me. I’ve by no means been banged on top of a car though. Maybe something I’ll have to try out pretty soon.

SCORELAND: What do u think when u read all the comments about you at SCORELAND and on the Blog?

Milly: The comments usually make me cheerful and feel precious about myself. They make me feel hawt and desire to dance on someone’s shlong!

SCORELAND: Have your roomies checked out your photo sets and videos? What do they say? Have u observed any with them?

Milly: I know they have viewed them and think it’s really nifty and hot but we haven’t viewed any together!

SCORELAND: Do u plan on watching your scenes when you acquire home?

Milly: I guess not. I’ve gone on SCORELAND and watched other people’s scenes, but I do not think I urge to check out mine.


Milly: I suppose it’s very different. It’s like when you hear yourself on a voicemail, when you hear a recording, you do not wanna hear it coz u think, “Do I sound love that?” I would be thinking, “Do I look adore that?” I do not wanna see it. When I am in a club, I’m not in front of a mirror when I’m lap dancing, so it’s different. But if I was dating somebody, it would be phat to say, “This is the link if u desire to view me.” It would probably receive ’em off.

SCORELAND: It definitely would.

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