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Gal Girl

Honey Girl

We played the Q&A game with Christy. Her candor is refreshing. She speaks her mind and lays her cards (and a whole lot more) on the table for all to watch

What’s your much loved color? Green.
What’s your beloved food? Mashed potatoes.
Are you a dog person or a cat person? Neither. Snakes and reptiles.
What’s your prefered curse word? Fucker.
Who’s smarter? Hotty’s or chaps? It depends on the person.
Better lay: Chicks or lads? Boys.

Does size matter? Yeah or no? Yes.
Favorite video of all time? Silence of the Lambs.
How many toys do you own? Likewise many to count. Over 40.
Sex: 1st date or await? I expect if I adore them. If I do not like them, then I do not have to expect.

Head: More astounding to give or receive? Give.
Cum: Drink or spit? Spit.
Blow jobs or tit jobs? Blow jobs.
Tits: What’s hotter? Fake or real? Real.
Much loved Position? Pile-driver.

Watch More of Christy Marks at SCORELAND.COM!

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