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Is Kelly the girl-next-door?

Is Kelly the girl-next-door?

Is Kelly Christiansen the girl-next-door? This is a tough question.

“My allies always tell me I am very down-to-Earth and more love the girl-next-door. I do not know if they would wait this from me,” Kelly told the first time we interviewed her on her first day here. When I met Kelly that day, her larger-than-life appearance knocked me over like a bowling pin. The old-school term “va-va-voom” came to mind.

Kelly is not the everyday lady u pass in a mall or at the gas station and absolutely ignore. Cuties adore Kelly don’t fall with out the tree when u shake it. This is a physical superwoman who turns everyone’s head, a female even honey bunnys stare at. Certainly, her natural sex appeal has no thing to do with her personality or her behavior, which is woman-next-door. So if Kelly is the woman-next-door, it is just her laid back, amicable personality that makes her one, not her physical assets.

Kelly is part of that unorganized SCORE wives movement, or WILFs (Wives I’d Love To Fuck), that’s picked up in new years. Other WILFs include Jayden Prescott, Barbie Kelley, Ingrid Swenson and a scarcely any other big boobed dolls with a yen to spend some carnal energy. Did being a SCORE Girl change Kelly’s life?”

“I’m definitely not as shy as I used to be,” she told. “That’s definitely a worthy thing for me. My boyfriend likes watching me with other boyz and this chab can’t live with out the idea that his wife is a star.”

Kelly? Shy? A dominatrix-bitch who could rule the world if she wanted to?

“I mean, now I can just walk up to anybody and talk to ’em about anything. Especially my zeppelins. I can definitely talk to anybody about my scoops. If a boy came up to me and said, ‘You have wonderful mambos,’ I’d just be adore, ‘Thank you, I think.’ What do u say? But now, I am love, ‘Oh, yes, u urge to watch ’em?’ Although not likewise many people recognize me, even now.”

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