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Janet Under Glass

Janet Below Glass

SCORE‘s glass top photo shoots were tricky to do successfully but our studio guys became very professional at ’em even though they weren’t used to working on their backs for half of these discharges.

Who was more priceless to plant her foxy mangos and arse on glass than Janet Jade? “Usually chaps only see my scoops, but you dudes are appreciating my a-hole, too. I adore that. It is nice to know that it’s not just about my knockers,” Janet told that day as we witnessed the sight of her twerking on the glass.

We said Janet that babe was special. “I think everyone’s special in their own way. I am sure plenty of chaps think I am specific ‘coz of my pantoons but there are other peculiar things about me. I know what you boyz are doing when you are looking at my pix, but I discover that flattering. I suppose there is part of me that is coyness and doesn’t wish a lot of attention, but then there’s part of me that loves to be admired.”

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