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Jenna’s boobies underwater

Jenna's bouncy bosoms underwater

“I would rather have a boy come up to me and tell me I am alluring or even glamorous than for him to tell me that I have bigger than typical milk shakes,” told Jenna Valentine, who does have larger than standard bosoms.

She’s too impressive.

But that babe has big, damp, natural wobblers. Certainly, this babe knows that. She looks down all the time and sees ’em. That babe doesn’t need to be told that that babe has bigger in size than typical bra buddies. It’s a fact, love the sun is sexy and the polar ice caps are melting.

But boyz spend so much time bewitched on her zeppelins that some of ’em don’t even notice she has a face. So a hotty needs some reassuring once in a during the time that.

I am sorry, Jenna. U have bigger than typical hooters, and if u did not, I probably not ever would’ve met u.

In this video, Jenna talks about bikinis, dolphins, her mom’s swimming pool, her breast growth spurt (she is now an HH-cup), her fresh tattoos and in a relationship with. In addition to having big titties, Jenna has a great personality.

Then she peels off her dunky bathing costume and goes for a skinny dip. And when Jenna goes underwater, our cameraman goes with her to capture some great footage.

Jenna told us about her TV-watching habits.

Dance Mammas. I like Toddlers & Tiaras. There is something about child pageants that truly makes me happy. I suppose they’re hilarious. I urge to steal someone’s kid and put ’em in a tanning booth and go into ’em in a pageant. I wanna compete with crazy pageant mammas. I have been watching Exposed and Afraid, which is about putting 2 strangers in a terrible place with crocodiles and bugs and they’re in nature’s garb and they can solely bring one item, and it’s so humorous. They must be in the middle of nowhere for 21 days with a hatchet and they have to survive. I also check out Boardwalk Empire.

“I do not actually watch tons of TV cuz I work a lot, and I adore to read, likewise, so I must elect if I am intend to read or observe TV, and sometimes I just need a break from the world and wanna check out grown-ass sweethearts yelling at each other. They have so many problems! I cant watch the Kardashians. They’re so boring. I cant receive into it. I like when Gordon Ramsay yells at people. I suppose it is sexy. There is something sexy about him. This chab spits out food and throws ram. It is funny.”

If she says so.

By the way, when Jenna laughs, her bigger in size than run of the mill love bubbles jiggle, so laughable is valuable when she is around.

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