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Jennica’s island getaway

Jennica's island getaway

Jennica Lynn is in the Dominican Republic. Tropical islands are worthy. Jennica’s body, tits and face are much nicer. Tropical islands are all the same for the almost all part. There’s merely one Jennica Lynn.

I talked to Jennica when she was home in England.

SCORELAND2: How did it feel when you saw the DVD Jennica Lynn devoted just to you?

Jennica: I was so thrilled and cheerful.

SCORELAND2: U went to the Dominican Republic with Lavina Dream, Vanessa Y. and Roxanne Miller. What was that trip like for u?

Jennica: Oh, it was so fun. I’d at no time been to the Dominican Republic. It was a different experience compared to The Bahamas since this time it was a lot of beauties. It was astonishing to talk to other glamour models and compare marangos.

SCORELAND2: Do u keep in touch with any of the girls from that discharge?

Jennica: I did keep in touch with Lavina Dream for quite a while. She is a super pleasing goddess, I actually liked her.

SCORELAND2: When you’re trying on a under garment, what do you do to test whether it is going to fit right?

Jennica: Ugh! Well, if the boob is escaping from my brassiere…it doesn’t fit!

SCORELAND2: How long does a brassiere last u before u avoid wearing it?

Jennica: A bra for me lasts about six months.

SCORELAND2: What kind of swimsuits do you adore to wear?

Jennica: I adore bikinis. I’ve always worn ’em, but one-piece swimsuits can look quite hot and delightsome, also.

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