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Kim Velez: Deliciosa

Kim Velez: Deliciosa

“If you are adore me, your eyes just now went to Kim’s braces,” Dave blogged about Kim Velez. “Although brace-face hotty’s are very popular among the 18eighteen crowd, we’ve had very miniature in number busty hotties with braces. Certainly, coz we normally associate braces with teenage beauties, they usually make a beauty appear to be younger than this babe is, and that juvenile ‘n’ stacked button is a hot one for plenty of us, me included.”

If not her braces, then your eyes went straight to Kim’s ski-slope hooters, extreme teats and dark, big areolae. That babe can lift them to her face hole and engulf Them. They began growing early and there’s still time for ’em to grow some more.

Girl-next-door Kim is a soccer and rugby fan. “I’ve been said I cook very well,” said Kim. “One day, I was said, “If I cook the way I walk, he would eat what I cooked even if it were burnt.” Not the smoothest line in the world but it is the thought that counts.

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