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First Copulate

First Fuck

Raunchy and seductive, Lilith was a go-to mainstay at SCORE and V-mag for years. Referred by a dancer named Exotica when Exotica featured at the St. Louis exotic dancing club where 38DD natural Lilith was a regular, Lilith was a natural at nude modeling and, later, at sex on-camera with the one and the other chaps and gals (Autumn, Annie Swanson). That babe had a real aptitude for it. This was her 1st guy-girl scene. A true girl-next-door, Lilith only modeled for The SCORE Group.

SCORE: Why do not vixens pay dudes to flaunt their chests?
Lilith: (giggles) I don’t know.
SCORE: Do u usually wear tops that emphasize your chest?
Lilith: Majority of mine are pretty taut fitting and low cut.
SCORE: Have you ever walked down the street and caused a traffic accident?
Lilith: Not that I know of! (giggles)
SCORE: Did any of your male teachers react to your fullsome funbags?
Lilith: I never had many male teachers, just hotties. I was probably in my freshman year of high school when the males began to pay attention to my chest.
SCORE: Do u like a take charge petticoat chaser or a more laid back boy?
Lilith: A take charge woman chaser.
SCORE: And what’s your own beloved way to satisfy a gent in daybed?
Lilith: Definitely penetration. Regular sex. And I love tit banging. That’s what u boyz call it, right?
SCORE: That is what we fellows call it! Do you like lots of that?
Lilith: Yes, I do. It turns me on to look at it more than anything.
SCORE: Are u very vocal when you do it?
Lilith: Sometimes I wish him to do it. Screw my mammaries, I’ll say.
SCORE: Is it the guy’s idea to do titty banging or do u crave to do it?
Lilith: It is the one and the other.
SCORE: What satisfies u the almost any admirable? Forget about the boy.
Lilith: I guess actual penetration. We just screw. (giggles)

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