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Liy Madison’s morning ritual

Liy Madison's morning ritual

In this scene, we watch British chick Lily Madison‘s morning ritual. Those morning ritual scenes have become a specialty of The SCORE Group and provide an private observe smth almost any chaps not at any time have to see: a cutie getting ready for her day. We’re invited into her intimate sanctum as that babe receives all dolled up. We even need to see her brush her teeth. Among other reasons for wanting to see a girl brushing her teeth, the action of brushing makes her fun bags shake. Likewise, the toothpaste trickle onto her milk shakes, which is very precious. Then Lily proceeds to acquire all dolled up, which includes self-sucking her teats.

The most-famous morning ritual scene was Lorna Morgan’s in Key Largo in 2001. That is probably the standard-bearer for morning ritual scenes cuz Lorna does so much and does it in such a way that we feel like voyeurs. It was SCORE chief John Fox who came up with the morning-ritual concept, and it continues to be a classic, one we use with merely our finest cuties. Lily’s one of them.

Lily said us how she became a SCORE Beauty.

“Lots of American bucks kept saying to me, ‘Oh, you should be in SCORE and Voluptuous.’ So I said, ‘What’s that?’ and they’d say, ‘It’s a magazine. This is where you should go and apply.’ So I looked into The SCORE Group and started talking to you on Twitter, and then we emailed back and forth, and eventually u said, ‘We urge u to come and shoot for us.’ So I told, ‘Okay.’

“I have so many boyz who tell me that they adore big breasts that it doesn’t surprise me. I like my meatballs. I can’t imagine having smaller hooters, and I do love them on other beauties, also. Having bigger in size than average mangos makes me feel womanly.”

Lily has a unequalled distinction: She’s the solely beauty who’s had her unpixelated snatch eaten on-camera by Hitomi (in Japan, the girls’ wet cracks need to be pixelated or otherwise obscured). It is happened twice, and that babe enjoyed every lick. I would imagine that Lily did this kind of morning ritual in advance of her scenes with Hitomi.

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