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Liza Biggs at the Big-Boob diner

Liza Biggs at the big busted diner

“I’ve by no means been with a lad that wasn’t into love bubbles. That would probably be kind of subrigid to discover, too. It would be kind of rock hard to not be a tit guy and urge me.”

Liza Biggs used to be a sous chef.

“Sous chefs are kind of like the midst stud betwixt the cooks who just got there and the head chef who yells at you all the time. In my chef coat, I just look plump because it just hangs off my mambos, so it just appears like I have a really large abdomen. So I just look love a chubby lady who’s angry and the cooks tend to just do what I say when I yell. That works for me.”

I have worked in a scarcely any places as a bartender and I’ve worked with hawt, stacked waitresses and cooks, but I have not ever worked with a hotty with a body quite like Liza’s, sous chef or otherwise. I still don’t understand why life cheated me in this way.

There aren’t too many fantasies about sous chefs overspread by a white coat, but there are lots of fantasies about waitresses in taut uniforms with bigger than average milk shakes, and Liza has a couple of the foremost natural scones ever seen anywhere. You desire fries with that?

Liza draws breast-men like flowers attract bees.

“They’ll crave me to shake my zeppelins in their face, push them into their face. I receive motor boated a lot. I use my mammaries to jerk them off, also. That’s smth plenty of boyz like. I love breast play cuz I’ve really sensitive areolas, so it’s a bigger than standard thing for me.”

Since one of Liza’s jobs was yelling at underlings, being controlling blends with her personality.

“I’m just truly bossy. I urge things the way that I want them, and I’m willing to do things for u if u do for me 1st. If I’m having sex, I am kind of aggressive. I’m physical. So I’ll pull a lad towards me, force his sexy outfit off, give instructs, and if this ladies man can follow, I’ll do what that charmer desires.”

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