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Lola is hawt in the kitchen

Lola is hot in the kitchen

“One time in the centre of sex, a man asked me why my twat was so tight,” said naturally stacked Czech pupil Lola Sexy. “That’s a very strange question, no?”

Yep. We can watch a smooth operator saying, “Oh, your love tunnel is so constricted!” whilst that lady-killer is rogering it or fingering it, but why would this man ask why it’s so constricted? Why ask why? Just have joy it and compliment the angel on her constricted cum-hole.

In this scene, Lola is getting hot in the kitchen. Here’s part of a Q&A we did with this cute gal with the big fullsome funbags and taut pussy. We did not ask her why her cunt was so constricted.

What satisfies you unsurpassable?
“When guys lick my nipps.”

What is your beloved position?

What sort of foreplay do u love?
“No foreplay.”

Really? Just right to the mouthing and screwing. Ahhh…if only more cuties were love Lola.

Are you into any fetishes?
“No, none. I’m a regular gal.”

Regular cuties don’t have fun bags as bigger in size than typical as hers.

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