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Stacked & Serviced

Stacked & Serviced

When your car breaks down anywhere, it is never a worthwhile situation. Hours of expecting for aid. Missed meetings, meals, sleep. The expense and aggravation. But in Europe, more remarkable minds have detected a way to revolutionize roadside assistance. Our sample is lovely Lucy Love.

Tow-truck companies shag their customers but usually not literally. But they do in this episode. Hungarian sex star Lucy Adore is a tow-truck driver’s fantasy girl. Lucy’s job is to aid stranded motorists. More like fuck them is her real job. This tow lorry company copulates stranded drivers.

Who has met a big breasted tow-truck driver who appears love Lucy? No one. After pulling over to help a guy who’s broken down, they get down to fuckin’ and suckin’. Lucy checks his greasy oil, checking his dipstick by suckin’ on it. They toss a fuck blanket by the car. Lucy lies back so he can mount her in missionary, checking her transmission fluid with his meat-thermometer, then fucking her doggy position and in reverse-cowgirl. This smooth operator cleans her hood with his nut-fluid and that babe licks his stick clean as the cum drips down her large funbags. This is exceptional customer service.

When your car breaks down and u call the Stacked Bimbo Automobile Exotic dancing club, Lucy will be there in a hardly any minutes to get u back up one more time. For sample, within a diminutive in number minutes of arriving at the breakdown point, Lucy will have almost all of your wang in her throat whilst her disciplined hands methodically squeeze your balls.

For safety’s sake, certainly, u and Lucy will be on the side of the road on a blanket so some other motorist doesn’t drive over one as well as the other of you. She’ll assume the poses of your partiality, dramatized here, and take your schlong deep–like a meat dipstick solely bigger–until u blow your gasket over her mangos or buns, face, face hole or vagina. And every Stacked Floozy Automobile Lap dancing club representative is guaranteed to arrive at your breakdown location clothed in the skimpiest, cleavage-exposing way possible.

Happy motoring!

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