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Maggie Green for President

Maggie Green for President

In this scene, the President of the United States is wearing orange, and I don’t mean on top of his head. In fact, in this scene, the President of the United States is a that babe, not a he. She’s Maggie Green, and she’s wearing an orange jacket that doesn’t cover much. When she bends over the presidential desk, her bigly, natural mounds are pouring without her top. Her love melons aren’t just bigly. They’re HUUUUUGE. In advance of lengthy, her hot outfit come off and she’s self-sucking her zeppelins, proving that there are times when it is okay for the President to engulf. Then that babe plays with her pussy. Yep, in this scene, President Maggie Green grabs herself by the love tunnel!

Elliot asked Maggie where that babe stands on the following issues:

Sex on the 1st date: “Sure, if it feels right. But I’d not ever do it if it was with a smooth operator that I really thought I could have a relationship with.”

Masturbation: “I love my Hitachi Magic Wand.”

Carnal positions: “I adore tons of positions. I do not really have a much loved. It depends on my mood.”

I too had the chance to interview Maggie way back in 2009, in advance of that babe was widening and fingering her twat, in advance of that babe was screwing on-camera.

Me: Without each 10 boys you meet, how many can tell u what color your eyes are?

Maggie: Zero. But they can all guess about what brassiere size I am! At least they can try.

Me: How often do you acquire, “Hey, Maggie, u have truly fine eyes”?

Maggie: Actually I do acquire that quite a bit. More than you’d think.

Me: But when u do get that, do u think the Lothario is serious?

Maggie: I know what u mean. I think sometimes they’re trying to be humorous about it, trying to pretend that they’re looking at my eyes, but then some people will say, “You have beautiful eyes,” and they actually are looking at my eyes.

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