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Mega-Boob Olympian

Mega-Boob Olympian

Majority of u know about SCORE‘s Mega-Boob Olympics. It has been a perennial best-selling DVD since its release in 2002. Originally, the list of models for this event was narrowed down to Casey James, Minka, Maxi Mounds, Kayla Kleevage and SaRenna Lee. SCORE needed a 6th mega-busty lady, which is not as facile as finding a fourth for bridge. Plenty UpTopp (with a capital T) fit the bill.

The golden-haired sexy dancer from Florida went throughout a few transformations on her way to becoming Plenty. In 1990, that babe started her career as Ashley Bust during the dawn of the golden age of mega-busty dancers. Then that babe briefly changed her name to Sonnie Days. In 1997, that babe finally settled on Plenty UpTopp.

During Mega-Boob Olympics week, Plenty proved anew how rambunctious, hyper-sexed and perverted this babe was. Plenty was always feeling up the other girls’ bosoms, proudly displaying her pierced twat and complaining that with so many people in the house of mammaries, she could not masturbate as much as that babe wanted to.

“My cum-hole is like driving a Ferrari, and that is the truth,” Plenty told. Sometimes she would leave for some fetish party at night and be ready for act the next morning.

Plenty lived in skyscraper heels. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she told this babe slept in ’em.

“If I am stripped and in a pair of high heels, where somebody else in the room needs to be is on their knees behind me with their face buried in my booty. And shoes that are this height generally put my butt at face height when you kneel. I can be in a leg spreader and be very tractable in my high heels and still feel very hot and actually attractive. I can be having a terrible day and put on a couple of astronomical high heels and just feel amazing.”

This babe extended this longing for exotic dancer footwear to her many a-hole calls, who this babe would let pick out a pair of shag shoes to wear during sex.

“I’ll let him pick out a couple. I’ve shoes all over my house. My abode couldn’t be more love a strip club if I had a brass pole in the midst of it. There’s neon. There’s a bar. My abode is charming nifty. I have spent lots of time decorating it, and it actually reflects my personality. There’re shoes everywhere. I’ve mantels along the wall with high heels, so you could wander through my house and pick out your much loved couple of shoes. One of my much loved things to do if I am beginning to date somebody, to see where their head’s at, is to let them pick out what I should wear. My fetish is hawt outfit. I don’t need anyone to wear an ass-huffing device.”

I bumped into Plenty at a few adult conventions in the ’90s and early ’00s. One year, this babe was with Chantz Fortune, afresh with Alyssa Alps, who was writing her monthly “On The Road” column for SCORE. Plenty was always a high-energy female-dominant. This babe would have been terrific on a Boob Cruise. Today, Plenty is retired and has a regular job. That is difficult for me to even imagine. Plenty could not sit still for a minute.

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