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Michelle Bond: from F-cups to H-cups

Michelle Bond: from F-cups to H-cups

Does this wholesome, naturally biggest titted, sweet-faced British brunette hair look adore that babe spent her summers off the coast of Spain handcuffed, exposed and dragged around by a dwarf in front of thousands of people?

No, this is not a tall-tale.

Michelle Bond, from Wirral, Britain, began modeling in 2002. A hotel employee in her hometown, this babe also spent three summers on the Euro-trash party island of Ibiza working as a nightclub showgirl.

“Manumission was the world’s stupendous nightclub, and we did different shows, and my part each Monday night was to acquire dragged onstage, manacled and exposed, by a dwarf,” Michelle told. “In part of the flaunt, I’d be wearing underwear, but in the part with the dwarf, I was naked, and I had a collar and chain around my neck. It was wild, but it was pleasure and the crowd always got a big kick with out it. That was my large thing. I had a indeed great three years working in Ibiza, and I met so many fantastic people. Went to so many excellent parties. It was outstanding.”

When SCORE was looking for models for Greater than typical Boob Finishing School, a feature film shot in Portugal, Michelle was invited to join an international cast of all-natural lovelies. This babe accepted. An added bonus for tit-men was that Michelle had a major boob growth spurt from her final discharges and was an H-cup. Her bod voluptuously filled out.

“I do not know where it has come from,” she told. “As my body has kind of grown a bit, they’ve grown with me. The merely thing that is different betwixt now and years ago is that I do not party as much. I used to be stick-thin, and my marangos weren’t that big ‘cuz I partied a lot, but now, I do not know. I haven’t done anything to them. They’ve just grown. I used to be an F-cup. And they just grew and grew, and each time I got measured, they appear to be to have grown. Either that or my underclothing is shrinking! Now I am a 34G cup.”

Michelle was always great, and now she’s even more awesome.

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