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My Faye Female

My Faye Lady

I just came across this quote from Lillian Faye that makes me like her even more. She told. “I don’t play sports but I sometimes pretend to like football to be around the chaps.”

There are a lot of ways to interpret that quote. Maybe this babe pretends to like sports so she can receive more knob. Maybe that babe loves men more than women. Maybe this babe is a man-pleasing kind of beauty who will do everything to make her lady-killer glad.

Another interesting piece of information about Lillian: This babe lost her virginity when this babe was Nineteen.

“It was a few days before my 19th birthday. I was with an old, more accomplished guy. I was very nervous, but this gent knew all the right moves. Just now after, I told to him, ‘Let’s do it afresh!'”

I sometimes forget that Lillian isn’t British. She is American. She’s from Seattle. This babe looks a lot more innocent than that babe truly is, even with these bigger in size than typical, floppy, natural knockers.

“I adore to wear cute, little skirts and low-cut tops,” she told. “When I go out, I adore all eyes to be on me. On the outdoors I may look passive, but when I urge sex, I adore to tease until the petticoat chaser cant take it and makes his move on me. I need sex at least five times a week and a lot of foreplay, especially areola mouthing and touching with tongue and boob squeezing.”

There you go. And after you cum on her hooters, you can check out a game with her. That babe is ok with that.

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