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My 1st Time

My 1st Time

For her glamour modeling first appearance, instead of flying Chloe from her native Germany to our London studio for her first photo shoot, we flew her half-way around the globe to Florida and then to the Bahamas. In glamour photography, this is unheard of. Normally, for a whole unknown, the practice is to take the glamour model into a studio — a controlled environment where the photographer can control all of the variables, including a model’s nerves and apprehension. Cost is kept at a minimum, in case the glamour model doesn’t work out or this babe is not as good as you originally thought. With Chloe, her debut had to be special. This babe flew to London, then to Florida and stayed at the home of SCORE editor-in-chief John Fox for a weekend in advance of flying to the Bahamas. “I came home from work,” remembers John, “and there was Chloe sunbathing bare by the pool. I’d seen her images and thought she was the greatest naturally busted adult model I’d seen since Devon Daniels. In person, this babe was completely astounding. Although Chloe is a flirt at heart — that babe was walking around my house in knickers and a bra or a revealing blouse for most of the weekend — it was obvious how “fresh” she was. But, it was too obvious this babe had what it took to be one of the foremost of all-time. Right from the beginning, Chloe knew how to be sexy, and that babe didn’t even have to try. That’s how u know you’re in the presence of greatness. The sexuality comes out…naturally.” In the Bahamas, photographer John Graham discovered a secluded beach on the island of Eleuthra and told Chloe to just be herself. And, that’s what you see here. The January 1993 edition of SCORE was her newsstand first appearance. Why so long from shooting in July ’92 to publication in January ’93? At the time, SCORE was a bi-monthly magazine.

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