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On Location Grand Bahama: Karla James

On Location Grand Bahama: Karla James

“My breasts grew all at one time,” Karla James said. “One day I was buying my 1st bra and two months later I was buying a 34DD-cupper! The teachers never seemed to notice, but the boyz definitely did and the cuties instantly started to detest me. Some of them prevented talking to me and were naughty towards me.

“At my college, we had to wear ties, so the tie always covered my breast valley. But the buttons on my shirt popped open sometimes with the strain of my bra buddies!

“In Britain size, they’re a Thirty double-H. I don’t know what size they are American. One of my little tricks used to be that I would put a undergarment over my head, and that’s how I could tell if it would fit. My Grandma used to say, ‘I can receive 2 of my heads in one of your bras.'”

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