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On Location Grand Bahama Natalie Fiore

On Location Grand Bahama Natalie Fiore

It is a fact that there is something about the beach that brings out all the sexiness in a sweetheart.

This was shot when the beach was deserted so that Natalie Fiore would feel absolutely comfortable. Natalie is, at heart, a conservative woman, an exhibitionist in intimate but reserved in public.

“I have known a hardly any fellows who were shy and were a little also gentlemanly and would not try everything intimate or carnal with me,” Natalie said. “If I liked ’em sufficient I’d be a little more aggressive and at least let ’em know that it was ok and that I wanted them to hold me or kiss me. After that they usually knew how I felt and they loosened up and took the lead from there. If they did not, I gave up and usually didn’t dating ’em afresh.”

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