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Hooked By Big Tits

Hooked By Big Tits

“Everybody wants to fuck somebody with big titties.”

So says Brandy Talore as she waits in the Florida sun. The brunette hottie has said a mouthful. And when it comes to mouthfuls, Brandy has learned a lot since we first had the honor of meeting her.

That sun is getting a little too hot for poor Brandy who is dressed like a coed. Smart girl. Everyone loves schoolgirls, from America to Japan. Brandy’s a student by night, hooker by day. Where’s all the horny guys in this neighborhood who want to share some private session time? She’s not in a gay area, is she?

But wait. Here comes a dude in his rig. He’s interested in fucking this beauty. Some small talk later and she hops into his chariot. Brandy steers him to a quiet park with picnic tables. The place is empty and the trees provide privacy.

Brandy sits on the table and feels his hog through his pants while she takes off her top and lowers her bra so her big fucking natural hooters can get some fresh air. Pulling his big dick out, Brandy gets on her knees on the table in a doggie position and blows him up. She spits on it real good. Brandy is a spitter not a quitter. She sucks him hands-free until his cock is as hard as the wooden legs of the picnic table.

Mr. Boner gets on the table so Brandy can squat over him and shove his dick up her Ohio pussy-hole. She kicks off her heels for better balance and rides his snatch-pleaser. Her tits fly and slap loudly against her chest as she fucks up and down, moaning and cooing. Her pussy is soaked and her girl juice drips down his cock. Maybe that dick is too big for her. Brandy’s tits are surely not too big for him! She has the finest and biggest pair in Ohio.

The first position is only the beginning. Mr. Boner can keep his Johnson hard a long time and he’s going to tap Brandy in as many fucking positions for as long as he can until he’s ready to give her a giant load of coconut milk. She deserves every drop because everyone loves Brandy Talore.

Why watch softcore boredom on late-night cable TV when you can watch Brandy being a nasty little sexpot?

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Lea’s Big Plump Fuck At

Lea's Big Plump Fuck At

The only difference between the video and photo set of Lea and Patrick is, in the photos, Lea stuffs her pussy with a long dildo while she waits for him to get over to the set and give her the beef.

Mature Czech plumper Lea is not the type to just sit with the photographer and patiently wait for the stud to arrive. She likes to keep busy and warm up.

Patrick finally shows up, already stiff as a log, and gives Lea something to suck on. He licked her MILF slit, like most Euro studs tend to do, slid a finger in, then replaced it with his cock and fucked Lea so hard, she walked funny the rest of the day.

“I did not know his penis was so thick,” Lea said in Czech. As for Patrick, he knew ahead of time that Lea was thick, and that’s what he likes…a nice, chubby, mature woman with big, plump tits who does whatever he wants.

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Jessica Roberts: Rub her right then pound her

Jessica Roberts: Rub her right then pound her

In this scene, all-American midwestern babe Jessica Roberts goes for a massage in a reverse of the sexy masseuse-horny customer situation. Because it’s “Stiffy Saturday,” Tony is offering a ladies-only two-for-one special. Get a rubdown and a hot beef injection. Jessica goes for that. She loves fucking.

Jessica’s tits sprouted early in life, and she used to flash them a lot. She worked at Under Armour before she got into big-boob modeling. She moved into clothing-free modeling after following up on a suggestion from a guy she knew. She learned about lighting and poses from modeling clothing.

“After sex, I love sports, especially basketball,” Jessica said. “I was born in Illinois and I still live there, so I’m a big Chicago Bulls fan. I love watching the White Sox, too.”

She said the best thing of all, even better than a White Sox win, is “a big, hard dick inside me.”

When Jessica first came to SCORE, I called her a man’s woman. She plays hoops and likes to hang out at sports bars and watch the games. A fun chick to get sloshed with, I’m sure. The last time I was in Chicago, I thought it had the most sports bars of any city in the USA. I can definitely imagine Jessica in a tight tank top jumping up and down when a Chicago team scores.

Last I knew about Jessica, she was webcamming from home.

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Road Hazard Hooker

Road Hazard Hooker

A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Even if that means she has to stand on the side of the road and offer up her goodies to the cars that zoom by. That’s what Dylan Ryder does. She is strapped for cash and instead of pawning some jewelery or getting a part-time job, she is putting her pussy up for sale. Hey, wouldn’t you do the same if you needed money to do something uber-important…like get your nails done? You can’t blame Dylan for going out and fundraising via fucking. She is built for sin with big, juicy tits, a pouty mouth that practically belongs wrapped around your shaft and a pussy that will squeeze every last drop out of your nuts. But be careful…this gold-digging ho will squeeze every last dime out of you, too. But then again, it might be worth it.

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Casca Akashova: Man-eating Husband Stealer

Casca Akashova: Man-eating Husband Stealer

Casca Akashova‘s brother-in-law Nicky is home alone and watching TV in the middle of the afternoon when someone knocks on the door. Waiting outside is his porn star sister-in-law Casca. She’s dropped by to see her sister Daisy Akashova and didn’t phone before she drove over, so she doesn’t know Daisy is out. It’s a good thing he was just watching a game show and not jerking off to a SCORELAND video.

Casca tells Nicky she’ll wait. The way she’s dressed turns Nicky’s brain to mush and he can’t stop staring at her impressive cleavage mounds. He’s the kind of man who talks to a woman’s chest, the kind of guy that inspired the tank top slogan, “My face is up here.”

Casca wants to see the house. The guided tour ends at the bedroom. Casca sees Nicky is an easy conquest, a sucker for big tits and decides to fuck him right then and there. She pushes him on the bed and rips his pants off. Not worried about her sister coming home unexpectedly, Casca doesn’t bother taking off her tight dress and sucks his dick for a while before telling him to undress her.

Lying back naked with heels on her sister and brother-in-law’s marriage bed, Casca opens her lovely legs so Nicky can tongue-bang her pussy and warm her up for the dick. Casca gives Nicky head and licks his balls, showing why she’s praised worldwide for her blow jobs and cock-sucking lips. Hot for the main event, Casca sits on Nicky’s pole and fucks him.

They’re taking a big risk, but lust is blind.

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Big Assed White Chick

Big Assed White Chick

Our Big Assed White Chicks DVD series is arguably the most-popular of our hardcore releases. And it’s easy to understand why when you feast your eyes on a chick like Marcy Diamond. This whooty is a perfect cut with a healthy butt. And, honestly, that’s probably a bit of an understatement.

“I get tons of attention because of my booty,” Marcy Diamond told us. “It popped up when I was in high school. I think I was 14. I’ve been getting lots of attention from guys ever since. I love it, and I love my booty.”

Marcy lives in Miami, a city filled with some of the baddest, thick chicks you’ll ever see. That means even with a body like Marcy’s, a girl has to know how to dress to impress.

“I always wear Juicy Couture pants because my ass is so big,” she said. “They fit me perfectly and show off my ass. Underwear is important for a girl like me, too. I love wearing G-strings and lacey lingerie. It’s important to be sexy.”

Look out for Marcy’s first hardcore scene coming soon. And you better believe it will also be featured in a future installment of the Big Assed White Chicks series.

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Mae Montgomery: XLGirl Goes To Her Happy Place

Mae Montgomery: XLGirl Goes To Her Happy Place

Fresh, foxy, flirtatious and full-figured, Mae Montgomery gets playful all around the place, beginning in the bedroom and having a happy ending in bed. She’s a teaser and a pleaser.

XLGirls: What satisfies you best?

Mae: I love to be used like a personal play toy. I love to be treated like a lady during the day and a dirty whore at night, basically. Because I can be both “The Madonna and the Whore,” to quote Dazed and Confused, one of my favorite movies.

XLGirls: How often do you have sex?

Mae: As much as I possibly can!

XLGirls: Do you have a favorite position?

Mae: I absolutely love it from behind. It’s definitely my favorite. But I also love it when a man is on top, my ankles are up by my head, he’s pushing down on my thighs and pounding me so hard and deep that my breasts bounce like crazy, and all I can do is lay there and take it.

XLGirls: Maybe one day you’ll show us here. Let’s talk foreplay.

Mae: Wow, that’s such a broad subject. I always love a little drink first, some playful touching of the thighs or knees. Send the “come fuck me” glances that leads to me being pushed against a wall…the type of heavy making-out where we just can’t get enough of each other and we have to rip off each other’s clothes.

XLGirls: What about kinky stuff?

Mae: I have learned that, apparently, what is normal for me is extremely kinky for other people so choosing my kinkiest sexual encounter is quite difficult. And unfortunately, that is not something I’m able to share. But I can tell you that being tied up with rope, not just around my wrist but around my body like a bra, bent over and spanked with a paddle feels exhilarating.

XLGirls: Breast bondage. Have you been with another girl?

Mae: Just some making-out and touching but I have always wanted to play with a girl.

XLGirls: When you give a blowjob, do you spit or swallow?

Mae: I definitely swallow because my throat babies don’t hatch. Can I say that? But seriously, if he wants me to spit it back out, I will. Or if he wants to cum on my breasts or face, it’s all fair game. Just watch the hair.

XLGirls: Throat babies, that’s a new one even for us. Stay sweet and sexy, Mae.

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Welcome To Sofia Damon’s Place

Welcome To Sofia Damon's Place

Sofia Damon invites you to her cozy place and gives you the guided tour. That includes Sofia’s bedroom where the tour gets very intimate and close-up.

Sofia opens the door to greet you. She speaks in Spanish so we’ve added English captions.

“Welcome, SCORELAND members, to my house.”

“Come in. I want to show you my lifestyle.”

Sofia’s wearing a very low-cut top that’s knotted in the front and shows off her enormous cleavage. She loves her apartment, her lifestyle and the view of the city. While she’s showing off her living room, Sofia introduces you to two of the four cats she dotes on. You’ll be seeing another kind of pretty pussy when Sofia takes you into her bedroom.

Sofia has a long mirror in her bedroom and likes to look at herself as she plays with her big, big tits. After swinging and bouncing her boobs (some of it shot in slow motion), Sofia takes a break from her breast exercises to pat down her pussy. After she cums, she resumes her boobs-in-motion play.

Thank you for the invitation and hospitality, Sofia Damon.

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Obedient Fuck-Slut

Obedient Fuck-Slut

Coming on like a mean-ass bitch, Latex-covered Gianna tries to teach Ashley a lesson in female dominance. Then the tables are turned and Ashley takes control, making Gianna his fuck slave. Red-blooded man power wins. Fetish kinkster loses. This scene shows what a super-sex star Gianna was when she was shooting porn.

In a SCORE interview, Gianna said about male and female dominance: “It depends on my mood. I’m a Gemini, so I have two sides. Sometimes I like to be dominant and I like to be on top of the situation and just get mine. Fulfilling his needs as well, of course, but I want it how I want it. But other times, just take me any way you want me. Whatever you want to do.”

Gianna plays both Gemini roles here, woman in control and then obedient fuck slut. Which is not easy for her.

“I’m really into fem-dom stuff like bondage,” Gianna said. “Usually I play a role where I have full control over what’s going on and I’m the bitch in charge. I want to flip the role and be the submissive, but it’s hard because I don’t like people telling me what to do, and I don’t like being tied up or letting somebody else have full control of my body. It fucks with me mentally. I’ve done one shoot where I was submissive, and by the end of the shoot, I was telling her what to do.”

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Our funny Valentine

Our funny Valentine

I could tell you a few things about Jenna Valentine: California girl…goth chick…Valley girl…SCORE and Voluptuous Girl. But this time, let’s hear from her.

ON WHO SHE GOT HER BOOBS FROM: “I am a 36H! I don’t know how this happened. I’d like to thank the Academy and my good genes. I’ve had big boobs since fourth grade. I had D-cups by age 11. (Writing that made me feel creepy, and now I think Chris Hansen is behind me.) Anyway, I have no idea where these came from. No one in my family has big boobs. I am the only one. My mom (who’s a MILF by the way, guys!) is super petite. She’s 5 feet tall and 100 pounds. Now you know where I get my epic height from!) But my boobs? No idea. I just text-messaged my grandma and asked her if I was in some sort of nuclear accident area when I was born.”

ON BEING A BEHIND-CLOSED-DOORS NUDIST: “I love to be naked. I will lay naked in bed, eat naked in bed and do a bunch of other stuff while I am naked in bed.”

ON OTHER WOMEN: “I’m totally into chicks. I find women SO beautiful. I haven’t gone all the way with a girl yet, but I have been pretty close. When it comes to women, I get super shy when I have crushes on them. I really don’t know how to initiate anything. They make me so nervous, and I stumble over my words like a teenage boy going through puberty. I guess I’m just waiting for the right girl to take advantage of me.”

ON USING HER TITS DURING SEX: “The titty fuck? Yeah, if it’s with the right person and they get off on it, then it makes me happy. In certain situations…fine, I’m completely selfish. But if I feel like giving and they want to titty-fuck and it makes them really happy, then it’s like Hanukkah for them…then let’s go! I say Hanukkah because I am a Jew. Not Christmas, you guys, Hanukkah. I am like the Hanukkah Santa of titty-fucking. Eight days of titty-fucking!”

I don’t know about you, but I’d take one day-even one hour…okay, five minutes-of titty-fucking Jenna. Wouldn’t you?

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Calling Terry Nova

Calling Terry Nova

We’ve got a Terry Nova titty treat! Whatta babe. Two babes in one! We’ve seen Terry dressed like a college girl in her July ’08 SCORE photos and spreading her legs for entry by a dick slinger. Our man is back in Prague once again, phoning for the hottest babe around. Who’s he gonna call? You’re damned right. Terry Nova! Terry’s never too busy for us. She shows up at the house looking like a billion Czech Crowns. Terry’s dressed like a streetwalking hooker, ready, willing and able to ride the pole of love. Where did she find this outfit? She comes over in a two-piece skintight top and bikini bottoms under a black lace micro-dress that shows most of her butt-cheeks. It looks like we’re going to get a very hot fuck on the couch and Terry’s ready now for cock in her ass.

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