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Rockell’s 1st SCORE movie

Rockell's first SCORE video

SCORE doesn’t acquire many glamour model submissions from Alabama. I do not know why. If I knew somebody in Montgomery, the state capital, I’d draft a letter of complaint right now.

In advance of Rockell, Alabama’s almost any renowned export was Autumn-Jade in 1998. Rockell is a stacked Southern belle with the charming face of an goddess. I guess she’s one of the all-time prettiest beauties at SCORELAND. This babe could win ravisher contests. Succulent tee-shirt contests would too be a snap with these natural G-cups.

Rockell stays in shape with Zumba.

“I have tons of different sides to me,” that babe said. “I love to play in the mud. I like to wrestle topless with other females. I like to Zumba ‘coz I adore to dance. I love to exercise. I adore to sweat.”

Since this babe began posing at SCORE, Rockell has made tons of males sweat.

“I love being in nature’s garb. If I could be a nudist and do it in Alabama, I would. But I turn heads wherever I go, topless or not.”

When Rockell’s first mag was released, she went to an adults merely store called Fantasyland to check it out, but they did not carry V-mag. They sold TSG’s other magazines, such as SCORE but not Voluptuous for some reason. Rockell said me, and I forwarded the news to the front office. I thought that was very proactive of Rockell to show that level of interest.

If you think Rockell could easily be a Meatballs waitress, you’re right. She was for a whilst.

“I was in the restaurant on Christmas Day eating with a ally. I was clothed cute, but my love muffins weren’t out. I had on a sweater cuz it was cold. My waitress was a very impressive Bazookas hotty and this babe was like, ‘Would you love to work here?’ And I was adore, ‘Oh, why not? Of course.’ So that babe went and got the manager and he hired me on the spot and I was a Boobies cutie. This charmer knew I had a wonderful body. I had on a cute little schoolgirl skirt and some cute boots. It was a truly cute outfit, but I did not have my milk cans out.”

And after the manager hired Rockell, this guy probably went str8 home and jacked.

See More of Rockell at SCORELAND2.COM!

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