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Roxi and the peeper

Roxi and the peeper

When this scene was first posted at SCORELAND, Elliot James wrote, “Usually a female screams her head off and dials 911 when she sees a Lothario staring at her throughout her living room doors. But not Roxi Red. The peeper’s strided into the back of the abode throughout a side gate and seems to know exactly what he’s looking for.

“Roxi casually walks over to the glass door and tanalizes him with her titanic super-tits, lifting up her taut crop top and showing him her naked areolas. Roxi presses ’em against the glass, adore a hotty in one of these old-fashioned peepshow booths, and the peeper licks the glass in return. Roxi goes back to the daybed and this gent just walks into the living room.”

What a life! I mean the porn life, of course. I’m not saying these things do not happen in real life–I’m sure they do–but they don’t happen as often as they do in porn. Then once more, chicks who look like Roxi with her king-size milk shakes and petite waist do not come along likewise often in real life, either.

But here’s the thing: Roxi is real. Very real. Her mambos are real. Not an ounce of silicone in them. And that babe is here, so she is corroboration that the weird does happen.

Have I ever sauntered past a Big-Boob woman’s abode and viewed her pressing her pointer sisters against the sliding glass door? No. But I have traipsed past a big breasted woman’s abode.

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