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Shag the lightbulb. Copulate Dominno!

Screw the lightbulb. Shag Dominno!

This charmer has to be the luckiest hotel guest in the world. The light bulb in his room went out, and who’s the janitor in his hotel? None other than curvacious, big-boobed Czech beauty Dominno. That babe shows up for the job wearing the skimpiest janitor’s outfit I have ever seen-short shorts and a skimpy, white top-and then she’s climbing the ladder and he’s helping her out with her booty and bra-busters. And then they shag. Isn’t that how it always works?

Ok, maybe not, but this was my dream, and I was just favourable enough to have it played out and turned into a clip during my stay at SCORE‘s house in Hungary in 2008. Dominno was one of a few big boobed cuties who joined us that week. I am gorgeous sure Lothario who’s screwing her in this scene was her hubby. It’s a fortunate dude who has a girlfriend like Dominno, a luckier lad who receives to fuck her on-camera. Although maybe we’re the lucky ones in this case.

What do I acquire to say about Dominno? Not much. I spent a hardly any days with her in Hungary, but I did not spend ’em the way this boy is spending ’em. And I did not receive to talk to her because that babe spoke Czech and only a few words of English. She might have been wondering who the pervert was who was standing by and watching her film this scene. That would’ve been me. And I was directing the scene. Yeah, that’s what I was doing.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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