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Coyness? You’re telling me this gal is coyness?

Shy? You're telling me this beauty is shy?

People sometimes say to me, “Dave, do you ever receive jealous that the girls are rogering some ladies man they barely know and not u?” Usually, my answer would be, “No. It’s part of the job, and at least I have to meet those girls and see ’em nude in-person.” But with Kelly Christiansen, my answer would be, “Sometimes. Yes. A little. Maybe a lot.”

Kelly is golden-haired. She’s a bombshell. She has great whoppers. And that babe has the kind of personality that makes u desire to bring her home to meet the parents…and then copulate her brains out. Not in front of the parents, certainly. Later. Maybe in the car.

“My friends always say I’m very down-to-earth and more like the beauty next door,” Kelly told me. “Being here and doing this would probably surprise them. Going by how I suit and things adore that, no, they probably wouldn’t be surprised. But, by my personality, maybe a little.”

When Kelly, a reader’s wife, 1st came to SCORE, this babe told me she was demure. Then that babe fucked on-camera. When this babe came back a little later that year, she said me that babe wasn’t so bashful anymore. SCORE had helped build her confidence.

“I’m definitely not as bashful as I used to be,” she said. “That’s definitely a worthy thing for me. My partner likes watching me with other chaps and that Lothario loves the idea that his wife is a star.”

I’m glad he likes watching her with other males. I do, too. But u know what? While this scene was being filmed, I kinda had the crave to run into the studio, knock Unshaved (this chab is the fellow) over the head and take his place. But that would’ve been unprofessional. So I waited until the scene showed up online and jacked instead.

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