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Sunshine’s Yuletime Log

Sunshine's Yuletime Log

A great much loved, Sunshine flew back to Miami to celebrate Xmas as a Jiggle Belle. The sight of the Xmas tree reminds Sunshine that this babe actually needs a long, stiff pole and a boy going up her chimney previous to that babe heads home. With or with out a fake white beard, she needs a Bad Santa. When he unveils, the cheap bastard doesn’t have any presents for her except a Yule meat log. No sooner has Sunshine removed her taut sweater and pulled out her greater than standard mammaries than Ol’ St. Prick is willing to quench the wench’s thirst for nut-nog.

Some other XL Hotty, Monique L’Amour, interviewed Sunshine. They also did a scene jointly for the DVD Knockin’ Nipples. The 2 truly got on, and got it on, very well.

Monique: When did your funbags receive to be that size? I just can not get over the size of those things.
Sunshine: When I was about 13. I wore a C-cup.

Monique: Wow! At 13? What did the boys think about that?
Sunshine: They liked them. A complete lot!

Monique: Sunshine, what do you do now for a living?
Sunshine: I’m a dancer.

Monique: What kind of exotic dancing do u do?
Sunshine: Lapdancing.

Monique: Oh, wow! How long have u been doing that?
Sunshine: About five years, on and off.

Monique: And do the other cuties receive jealous of your scoops?
Sunshine: Some of them do, yeah.

Monique: Sunshine, what kind of clothes do u like to buy?
Sunshine: I love to wear clothes that fit tight around my chest. Tube-tops and tank-tops

Monique: But where do u find tops that fit?
Sunshine: Well, I just make them fit!

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