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Suzumi’s Workshop

Suzumi's Workshop

Welcome to Suzumi Wilder’s workshop. This is where your scoops and booty dreams are made. Suzumi is a real tool time cutie. She can be our poster beauty for power drills, vacuums and vise clutches. Let’s face the facts. The beauty is precious at erecting things and working with rock hard wood. It would be great to lay Suzumi out on that bench and hammer her.

What kind of hobbies does pupil and web camera hotty Suzumi have anyway online gaming?

“My hobbies include plenty of art. I like to paint and draw in either charcoals or regular pencils. I like to play episode games. Majority of my free time is spent playing games like World of Warcraft, Wildstar, Final Dream online and a not many others. I would love to voyage and also try snowboarding. I wanna watch the 7 Wonders of the World.”

Suzumi indeed means 6 Wonders of the World, Cuz she’s number 7!

“I always try to emphasize my whoppers when I go out. I usually wear low-cut tops and tighter-fitting bras to make my knockers pop out more. I usually acquire lots of attention to my chest and I ADORE IT.”

Unveil Suzumi some like and write your poems below.

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