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The Magnificence That Was Rome

The Magnificence That Was Rome

The grandeur that was Rome has been carried down throughout the centuries to materialize in the form of modern Italian goddesses like Miranda. Here Miranda reenacts what she would have looked adore had she lived in 100BC. Or what her ancestors looked love. We would sure worship her as a Roman deity from her hair to her toes. Miranda‘s now back home in Italy but we remember her being here love it was yesterday. And what she told about the kind of boyz she loves. “He has to like me and I must like him. You have to have the feeling. I don’t love when the ladies man goes out and this lady-killer is just interested to fuck you. Just to have sex, and then that man says ‘I like you’ just to bonk u. I do not think that’s precious. I don’t think that a gent should come up to a woman and say, ‘I desire to fuck you, but it’s more worthy than telling her that you adore her when u do not mean it and this babe knows you do not mean it. I do not need a fellow to tell me that man can’t live out of me if this chab doesn’t. I mean, I have just met him. How does this chab know this chab can’t live out of me? He doesn’t even know me! I adore a very gentlemanly lady-killer. I don’t love rude. When I meet a ladies man, I adore him to be very gentlemanly. In the sex, no. In the sex, I adore a little…rough.”

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