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The look of sex

The look of sex

Of the many great things about Camelia Davis, one of the most admirable is that that babe always has a look in her eyes like, “I want to copulate u.”

When I 1st met her (I interviewed her and Michelle May at the same time; it remains one of my prefered interviews), I stupidly and mistakenly interpreted that look as meant for me before I realized that it is just her natural look. Chaps, babes, editors, non-editors, studio stylists, photographers, chaps, the pizza delivery fellow…Camelia always has that look, that way about her that says, “I wanna shag you.”

Certainly, maybe I was not mistaken. Maybe Camelia really does want to screw everyone. You’ll see that glint in her eyes in the opening minutes of this video, when Camelia lets her F-cup super-floppers (these boobs need to be bigger then F-cups) pour without her top and licks her teats. I mean it as a compliment when I say Camelia looks facile. Turns out she is.

“I was at the mall one day and I was shopping,” she told. “I kept seeing this lad and this guy was checking me out. I mean, that woman chaser kept staring and staring, So I ended up at the food court and that man came up to me and just straightforwardly asked me if this chab could touch my hooters. That dude was actually hawt, so I said yep. So this smooth operator groped me right there at the food court and then this man just went about his perky way.”

I am surprised that babe did not shag him. Or at least suck his rod. When we were writing the script for the DVD Sex And The Love bubbles, Camelia was the only gal I had in mind for a scene in which a boy passes a stacked goddess on the street and says, “Nice bazookas.” And she says, “Nice meat-thermometer.” And then they go off and fuck. Her suggestion, certainly. I guess that scene is what Camelia is all about. Tit for tat. Always looking for act.

“I love to dress in really hawt, very skimpy outfits,” that babe told. “I like to wear short skirts and really taut tops and I’m always in high heels. I like to look sexy all the time. I love the attention. I think I live for the attention. It makes me feel admirable and it kind of makes me randy, also. I like it when I get stared at by the one and the other studs and women. It makes me feel really good that they are looking at me and I know that they all crave to copulate me.”

And they know that she urges to bonk ’em. At the commence of this scene, Camelia announces that this is intend to be her 1st time having sex on-camera. 1st time, eh? I have seen seasoned adult stars who do not fuck adore she does, and, damn, this babe could wake up the neighbors with the sound of her marangos slapping while she’s getting filled with ding-dong.

Sweethearts adore Camelia don’t come along often, but when they do…well, make sure you look them in the eyes when you are talking to them. You’ll learn everything u must know.

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