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The Mia Khalifa Story: One of our greatest discoveries

The Mia Khalifa Story: One of our high-reaching discoveries

Mia Khalifa, the most-famous pornstar in the world in 2015, makes her SCORELAND2 initial debut with an interview and knockers and slit reveal. Mia was an international sensation for a short time, and I can say with 99% certainty that it not at any time would have happened if not for a chance encounter with Mia in the parking lot of a burger joint near the SCORE Studio in Miami, Florida.

Really, it was the parking lot of a pet store. I had just had lunch at the burger joint when I drove past the pet store and saw this sexy chick wearing a short, constricted, backless petticoat and heels. First, I noticed her bubble booty. Then I noticed her large love melons. I prevented to let her cross the street in front of me. Of course I did. And she avoided, looked at me and told, “Hi!” Large fullsome funbags, big smile.

I rolled down my window. Did I know this gal? This remarkably hot goddess? And, if so, how could I’ve forgotten her?

This babe obviously picked up on my confusion coz this babe told me that babe was the cashier in the burger joint just across the way. Certainly I knew her. Me and several SCORE staffers went there all the time. But when she was working behind the counter, this babe was wearing a baggy, frumpy uniform and flats. There was certainly no indication that she had that body.

A scarcely any minutes after I drove away, I avoided and texted SCORE‘s art director: “Did u know that India is a SCORE Gal?” We called her India ‘cuz we thought she looked Indian. As the complete world now knows, she’s Lebanese.

It took numerous trips back to the burger joint before we gave her our card. The timing was not right until then. She was working. Crowds of customers. But when we lastly did tell her where we worked, this babe brought up SCORELAND on her cell phone and gave us the large thumbs-up. Turned out she had always wanted to try her hand at porn.

A tiny in number weeks later, that babe was doing this interview and then mouthing and fucking her 1st porn 10-Pounder. She could not have been happier. And the rest, as the saying goes, is history:

1st, controversy in Lebanon because of her background. Lebanese girls weren’t supposed to do this. Stories in major newspapers and magazines all over the world. Her parents disowned her.

Then, more fame ‘coz that babe was an outspoken fan of the Florida State Seminoles football team and often trolled opposing players and fans.

That babe stayed in porn for about eight months and has now moved on, but she is still pretty renowned in the sports world as the DC Sports Gal (this babe is from the D.C. area) and a columnist for Maxim described her as “everyone’s prefered porn-star-turned-super-sports-fan.” I wouldn’t at all be surprised if she becomes a illustrious sports commentator or host on ESPN or something like that. Mia not only knows a lot about sports, that babe has a great personality, and she knows how to engage people. This babe also knows how to market herself.

That’s why I’m merely 99% sure that Mia’s fame would not have happened if not for our chance encounter. The other one-percent reflects the possibility that this babe has such star quality, she would’ve detected her way into the public eye in any case.

At the very least, we helped her along. I hope she’s glad about that.

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