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The Nurse Will Smother You Now

The Nurse Will Smother U Now

It’s that time of the year. Time for a medical. It may take a while, they tell u. Your doctor is busy. Until then, Nurse Elaina will watch u and handle the basics. Wow! What a knockout! She looks familiar to u. You’d swear she was a dead ringer for that SCORELAND and XLGirls adult model Elaina Gregory. A fellow can fantasy. But the resemblance is uncanny. Hey, this nurse is wearing garters, stockings and dancer heels. This clinic has changed. It may be a during the time that previous to the doctor can come over. Just chill out and view the nurse. She’ll keep you entertained for as lengthy as u adore. That babe has no hesitation about getting comfy and sometimes that is supposed to mean taking off her nurse’s uniform. The exam room acquires likewise stuffy. There are no windows. But that’s even more breathtaking ‘coz no one can peep in and spoil the joy. Nurse Elaina tells u to go behind the screen and drop trou. She locks the door and says she’s going to give you smth to view furthermore a magazine during the time that u await. Her magnificant body! This clinic indeed has changed! Next: “The Nurse Will Smother U Now” on video. Merely on!

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