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The Redhead With A Rack Is Back

The Redhead With A Rack Is Back

She’s been with out circulation for a during the time that but now she’s back, finally. The stacked redhead with a rack to kill for is back and at SCORE. Jolie Rain is a walking succulent fantasy in her sexy lingerie and heels. Jolie’s pierced fun bags look greater now. She was always built adore a brick shithouse and now her wow rating is even higher: the girl-next-door has gone a little freaky-deaky. Treat her right and she’ll screw ya all night. Miss Rain is looking for some hard-man lovin’ cuz sport-sex makes her feel on top of the world and SCORE has a hard-man just for her. He is up for the horny ginger and his tool is intend to make her screech and bring the roof down. Where’s Jolie been? This answer may surprise you. She is been in Iraq serving her country in the military. “I walked into a recruiter’s office and joined the army,” Jolie said. In the army, this babe earned top grades in marksmanship and made many friends. Now Jolie’s a civilian another time and when we put out the call to her to re-enlist at SCORE, that babe was ready to fly our affable skies afresh. A man’s lady, Jolie was born in Gulfport, Mississippi and grew up out side Recent Orleans, then moved to Texas where a SCORE and V-mag reader detected her. “I was working as a bartender in a sleazy place, and this chab saw me in a reservoir top and told, ‘Wow, u have astonishing milk shakes.’ We gotta talking, and this chab was amazed with my natural milk sacks. This chab told, ‘I adore this mag, I adore it, I love it, I am the king-size fan and you should totally try out.’ I was adore, ‘Well, you know, I do not know,’ and this chab said, ‘Please, please, you’ll make everything come true for me.’ And Jolie actually did go ahead and make that trip to SCORE. She can’t live out of old-school American muscle cars, video games, motorcycles and playing bass. She’s a lusty, busty babydoll but not a Barbie-doll girly-girl. “I don’t do the whole beauty thing well,” told Jolie. “I would much rather go to a bar and watch football than go to the mall and go shopping endlessly.” A red-blooded tit-man would rather see Jolie endlessly. As one TSG editor who interviewed her once put it, “it would be pointless if we were to have a poll that asked which gal you’d almost all adore to have sex with. Taking the vote with a modest 100% of all ballots would be the selection, ‘All of them.’ However, if we were to have a poll that asked which girl you’d most love to sit in a dive bar and have a drink with, Jolie Rain would have to be the preference.” Amen to that, brother.

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