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The Watcher Spies On Daria Savouring A Beach Day

The Watcher Spies On Daria Relishing A Beach Day

Daria spent plenty of time at the beach “thinking about life” during North Coast week. The beach was the perfect location for her scene. SCORE editor Dave’s idea was to have Daria enjoy the morning there whilst a peeper hid behind some plants and viewed each move she made, from playing in the surf to oiling her handsome curves. The photographer Michael captured the voyeuristic point-of-view pics.

If anyone in the North Coast super-group was star-struck, that hotty was Daria. She’s a fan of the beauties at SCORELAND, and to meet and spend a week with seven of ’em was beyond her wildest expectations. Daria told about Alexya, “She’s so sweet and humorous. She’s love a waterfall of positive feelings.”

As the studio manager recalled, “One morning, Alexya seemed to have gone missing, so her roomie Sha came to my room and said, ‘Alexya didn’t come home last night!’ Alexya is free-spirited but that babe had indeed come home that night. That babe was sleeping in Daria’s room.”

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