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The White Bits

The White Bits

Rose Valentina (My Larger than typical Fat Wedding) has great tan lines, and tan lines on a big breasted honey are a powerful aphrodisiac for these who adore Them. The white portion of the mambos that’s created from the swimsuit is a hot contrast to the tawny, sunkissed skin surrounding it. The same goes for the a-hole cheeks and twat triangle. Rose still goes to the beach a lot. “I live at the beach,” says Fort Lauderdale, Florida beauty Rose. “I’m there each Sunday tanning and swimming and dangling out.” Does Rose wear skimpy bikinis? “Everything is little on me. Even if I get a large it’s still little. But I am good as lengthy as it’s covering what it needs to cover, depending on what beach I am at. People usually just stare or they’ll whisper and point. But I do not mind it. I am assertive and I like my body so when people look it doesn’t a predicament me. Lads, even cuties will be staring. And I’ll just wave or smile and be love, ‘Yeah, they’re real.’ I’ve had bigger in size than run of the mill bazookas forever so I am used to the attention!”

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