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The Wrath of Samantha 38G

The Wrath of Samantha 38G

Samantha 38G is not home, giving her roommate’s boyfriend Tarzan time to push around her bedroom. That is what he thinks. Going into Sam’s underware closet, Tarzan cuddles one of her bras, amazed at the size and sniffs a pair of her knickers.

Unfortunately, or maybe ultimately fortunately for Tarzan, Sam comes home and goes str8 to her bedroom, leaving the knicker sniffer trapped in the closet and unable to escape. This chab freezes, trying not to make noise as Sam, still clothed, comes to a conclusion to give herself a quick spank on her ottoman. Tarzan watches through the closet curtain as Sam fingers her slit and he tries to not breathe heavily.

Hearing humorous sounds coming from her closet, Sam springs without couch with a shoe in her hand, ready to crack it on the head of a burglar. When she sees who it’s, this babe explodes on him. Tarzan can’t fib his way out of this one. Sam is no sucker. This babe threatens to shout out to his girlfriend and move Tarzan from the frying pan to the fire. This chab implores for leniency and says he’ll do anything to apologize. What Sam wishes is for him to shag her.

Sam receives her way. Not that she’s done with him after the sex is over.

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