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The XL Beauties Office Pervert

The XL Beauties Office Pervert

Amiee Roberts is not merely an XL Girl. That babe is too a valued XL Beauties employee doing office administration work. As u know, Amiee has all of the qualifications we try to find. Jimmy is the XL Gals office manager and building pervert. That gent can’t live out of to make his rounds at TSG and view the mistresse employees. When this Lothario spots a honey, he automatically grabs his junk. That fellow sees recent gal Amiee around the office and does his thing when that babe bows over.

Amiee walks into his office on business so that lady-killer introduces himself, then introduces Amiee to the way this fellow digs his rod sucked. Amiee’s a fast learner to his techniques and is deep throating his pole with lots of slop and slobber, the way mature Jimbo loves it. Instead of breaking for lunch, they go to his casting sofa so this chab can bonk Amiee inflexible and treat her to a liquid lunch.

XL Girls: Amiee, when u first discharged with us, was it on your mind to come back and do boy-girl?

Amiee: No, it wasn’t. I got an email and it was, “Hey, we’re interested in u doing a boy-girl” and I read a bunch of the comments from my followers, and they were adore, “We would love to watch Amiee receive drilled, so I thought, “If this is what they really wish, why not? Go down this road and watch what happens.”

XL Girls: So the guys’ comments really encouraged u?

Amiee: Totally. The comments on all the movies at and the pics really boosted my confidence to go out and do this.

XL Girls: Do u remember any comments you actually liked?

Amiee: One said I was one of the most-beautiful models on the web site and I was one of the reasons that dude joined and this chab just wanted to watch me acquire banged. And I was like, “Wow!” He was talking about how great my billibongs were and what a admirable booty I had and this chab just wanted to see me acquire pounded, and I told, “Okay!” And the more I kept reading the comments, the more I wanted to do it. I love the shlong.

XL Girls: What do you like about it?

Amiee: I love to engulf on the pecker.

XL Girls: Are you just saying that to make us glad?

Amiee: No, I truly do. If you asked my ex-boyfriends, they would tell u that’s what I am priceless at. I suppose I am kind of a natural at it. I try to detect out what the buck actually wishes and give it to him. Adore the way that woman chaser can’t live out of it sucked. Some like it sucked truly rough, some love it sucked softly, some love the balls licked and sucked, some don’t. I try to look at how to please him because the more this charmer is glad, the harder that Lothario is plan to screw me, so it goes the one and the other ways. I’m not just doing it with out the kindness of my heart. I really do love it.

XL Girls: So you don’t have just one oral sex style?

Amiee: No, and if this chap doesn’t wish anything particular, I’ll just do soever I want. It depends on the mood.

XL Girls: How do you decide what the lad craves?

Amiee: I kinda judge by how his schlong is reacting, and if that woman chaser is not reacting, they’ll usually tell me, like, “No, do not do it that way. Engulf it this way or use your tongue more.” I am okay with lads telling me what to do. I urge him to enjoy himself, and, anyway, I can tell if I am getting a reaction. It’s inflexible to hide!

XL Girls: How do beauties keep their teeth without the way?

Amiee: By opening their throats wider and using their tongues more. If the tongue is under the penis, the teeth tend to be overspread. I hope all the boys have joy my scene and tell me what they liked. I love the feedback!

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