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This office assistant has a giant rack!

This PA has a astronomical rack!

The following is from Michelle May‘s interview with a Voluptuous magazine editor.

V-MAG: What’s your prefered thing for a Lothario to do to u?

MICHELLE: I adore it when a chap pushes me face-down into my pillow, grabs my thighs and copulates the shit out of me. I do not love tons of foreplay. Just fuck me. I like to be taken and ravished by a woman chaser when I’ve sex.

V-MAG: So u like doggie-style?

MICHELLE: Or reverse cowgirl.

V-MAG: Why don’t you adore foreplay? Aren’t you a romantic vixen?

MICHELLE: Yes, but I just crave to skip the foreplay and bonk.

V-MAG: During sex, what makes u cum the hardest?

MICHELLE: I love to be taken by a chap. I love to be pushed against the wall and banged and lifted up and pushed onto a bed. I adore bawdy talk, too. And I love to give a man head, likewise.

V-MAG: What kind of dirty talk?

MICHELLE: I do not crave to be called naughty names or anything like that. I guess I just like a charmer to tell me that I make him feel precious. That will make me cum very inflexible.

V-MAG: Do you give good head?

MICHELLE: Yes, I’ve not quite no gag reflex. I breathe throughout my nose and I can take it down. I adore to drink, likewise.

Are u in like yet?

Michelle is five-feet, nine-inches tall. She says that babe wears F-cup bras, but I guess that babe needs to get re-measured. When she visited us the first time, she was going to school in California to become a nurse, and by the second time, she was a nurse. I have no idea what it is about nurses and posing for men’s magazines and websites, but if I had to guess, I’d say nurse is one of the top 3 professions among SCORE Group glamour models. Michelle is very much a girl-next-door. She loves sports. She’s a bigger in size than run of the mill football fan. That babe one time wanted to be a ballerina, but then her chest started growing. Overnight, as it turned out.

“I did ballet, but after my milk sacks grew, I quit,” that babe told. “I had to coz I looked ridiculous. I had this gigantic chest in this sea of flat-chested ballerinas. I guess you can say that my cups had runneth over.”

Here, Michelle is a Personal Assistant. Nurse…secretary…what does it matter, as lengthy as she unveils us her mambos.

Watch More of Michelle May at SCORELAND2.COM!

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