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Submit To Your Woman

Submit To Your Mistress

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but whips and chains make us wanna bone Trinity. We have known Trinity Michaels for a while now, but she usually looks attractive and sexy. Today, this babe looks love she’s willing to be naughty. With her black hair and fair skin, Trinity has the flawless look to be a bitch beauty. We would not mind taking a miniature in number licks of the whip from Trinity or being tied up by her either. We’ve been some bad dudes, and we’d deserve it.

“I’m usually not the masterful type,” Trinity said. “But there’s no thing not right with some role-playing from time to time. Sometimes it’s actually pleasure to thong a boy down and have my way with him. I suppose the role reversal is truly hot.”

So, what would we be in store for if we let Trinity have her way with us?

“Oh, I wouldn’t hesitate to belt you down to the daybed to commence,” this babe said. “I’d initiate blowing u and sucking on your balls, maybe even nibbling on them a bit to make it hurt just a little. Then, I’d pull out my little whip and spank you a bit previous to stuffing your cock back in my throat. And just when you are about to blow, I would walk with out the room and go do something else. I would look at TV, go run an errand for an hour or two and just leave you there contemplating for me. And when I get back, u had more excellent be willing for me to ride you and to shag me.”

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