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Which Comes First? The Chicken Or The Egg?

Which Comes 1st? The Chicken Or The Egg?

After being involved in a pair of creative brain-storming meetings about different photo discharges, and different photo layouts, I made the comment that it wasn’t the elaborate sets, the intricate scenarios, but the adult model herself who can make a glamour photoshoot work. I didn’t mean to sound conceited, and I know I have to have since everyone, from the photographer, the set designer, make up artists to art directors, turned around and looked at me with open face holes. What I meant was that even the simplest scenario, can prove to be a bonafide photo set location. Tomorrow, as I was visiting friends, my allies were showing me a new piece of art that they had acquired. I looked at the horse’s head…and thought…aha…a photo layout. I tried to include all the “favorite” positions that everyone keeps writing me that they wanna see. I wanted to include the pancake discharged, the doggie position discharged, my illustrious profile discharged…and of course, the drooping shot. Everyone always wishes to see my boobs dangling. What is it about hanging bouncy bosoms that acquire you going? Tell me! Whenever I am posing, I pretend the digital camera is my fan. I love to play up to the digital camera. I too adore to look at the photographer. I pride myself when I can seduce the photographer. I know that when the photographer starts breathing unyielding and talking “dirty” we are getting the shots that my fans keep clamoring for. Since this photo-shoot was shot on a stairway, the photographer spent a lot of time focusing on my legs. I have very powerful built legs. I did not think my legs were very impressive, but I’ve gotten numerous letters from fans that are in love with my legs. Now, I consider my legs as an integral part of my sensuality. Throughout the years my adult modeling has made me aware of my total body. As a juvenile person, I had often thought of myself as “unpretty”. When I see myself in a magazine, I am my severest critic. I like to examine each discharged. Every discharged I always watch to watch if the next time I can do more precious. Now after all these years of glamour modeling, I truly love the way I look. As this glamour photoshoot finished, I was very glad with the results. I hope you will assent with me on this. I thought of all your requests as I posed for every discharged. I’ve no idea if my allies were also pleased with their art sculpture between my legs, but then, what are allies for? Ciao! Chloe

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