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Why we like Rebecca Like

Why we love Rebecca Love

When I interviewed Rebecca Love, she had her legs behind her head for a valuable portion of the interview. Her open, pink love tunnel and beckoning dark hole were in my line of sight the entire time.

Sometimes people say to me, “Dave, how do u hold it together when you’re interviewing these girls?” Well, if they mean, “How do you keep from whipping out your ramrod and rogering ’em on the spot?” the answer is that I try to be a expert. I am there to do a job. The men are there to do the other part of the job. But the fact is, I do not hold it jointly. I am sat there wanting to screw them on the spot. Rebecca especially.

This babe was so cute but so wicked, so matter-of-fact about sitting there having a discussion while her shag holes were on flaunt for all the world–including me–to watch. I have no recollection of what that babe said in that interview. All I remember is her pussy. That babe was stroking it and sticking her fingers inside and showing even more pink. This babe knew the effect this babe was having on me. So I went back to see what this babe said.

“The average boy who walks into the room and I’m laying there with my cookie widen and my feet behind my head, and I say, ‘Do this’? He would cum in advance of he even got in!” Rebecca said. “Or he’d acquire also intimidated. Coz me laying here adore this is a little aggressive. I would probably go a little bit slower and ease him into it. I would not tell him what to do, but I would display him.”

I told to her, “Are you comfortable sat like that with your legs behind your head and your fur pie spread?” and this babe said, “Yeah. It actually feels kinda worthy, and I like sat with my cunt widen. It’s easier to receive to.”

For many years, getting to Rebecca’s twat was not the most-difficult thing in the world. This babe did tons of hardcore scenes, including this one, in which that babe does a cage dance then sucks and copulates a real meat-thermometer. Indeed erotic stuff.

“I adore rogering!” she told. “It’s just that sexual, hardcore, wet crack onto the thighs, slam into her, spit, seize, nails, u know? Tearing into one another. Yeah! Slam your strapon into me! Cum all over my bra buddies! And that large, hard penis is slamming into my moist, soaked muff. Fuck, yeah! Well, you get the point, right? Bawdy, banging pecker!”

Rebecca isn’t rogering on-camera anymore, but I’ve to think she’s still doing a lot of fucking. Can u just imagine walking into a room and seeing Rebecca with her legs behind her head? I can. I have been there. I wouldn’t mind being there afresh.

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